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Simple Meal Solutions with Joan

Note from the Kitchen

Joan Cooking Winter 2011

I can't think of a better way to welcome spring than with a lively Cinco de Mayo celebration. Add our recipes to your party menu, invite some friends over and throw a fiesta starting with delicious Pepper Cheese Strips.

Cinco de Mayo Recipes

•    Fiesta Layered Dip

•    Stuffed Jalapeno Peppers

•    Chicken and Salsa Tortilla Bites

•    Easy Salsa Dip


Signed - Joan

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  • Taste of Simplicity
    Taste of Simplicity

    Enjoy this light and easy recipe that leaves you time to putter in the garden or sit on a bench and soak up the spring sunshine: Springtime Primavera.

  • The Shopping List
    The Shopping List

    Combine these flavors to your shopping list for an added kick to your favorite dishes: Chi-Chi's salsa and tortillasEmbasa jalapenos and Wholly Guacamole.

  • Questions Here?
    Questions Here?

    Do you have any shortcuts for making the holiday meal side dishes for large crowds?

    Answer  Try one of the 13 varieties of our Hormel® side dishes.  If you need to feed a crowd, put the side dish in a slow cooker on the low heat setting an hour or two ahead of time.  They'll stay piping hot until serving.