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Back to School Lunch Ideas

It’s back to school, and along with new clothes, books and backpacks, parents are looking for healthy lunches to pack for their kids. Hormel® Natural Choice® products are a nutritious pick for a child’s lunchbox, because they are:

  • 100% natural
  • Low in fat
  • Contain no preservatives
  • Gluten free
  • Big 8 Allergen free

Joan Hanson, the test kitchen director for Hormel Foods, is an expert in new recipe development. She says a nutritious and flavorful lunch is easy to pack even on those busy school mornings. Here are a few of her suggestions:

  • Kids love roll-ups and they’re quick to make. Just spread a whole-wheat tortilla with garden vegetable cream cheese, layer it with Hormel® Natural Choice® oven roasted deli turkey and apples, roll up and you’re good to go. To guarantee they’ll eat their lunch and not trade with a friend, let the kids pick their own fillings, and pair the roll-up with their favorite healthy snack such as string cheese or low-fat chocolate milk.
  • Another tip: to keep lunch interesting, substitute fresh, crunchy sugar snap peas for the standard baby carrots or celery. For more recipes and to learn how Hormel® Natural Choice® products can fit into a healthy lifestyle, visit their website at hormelnatural.com.