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Dinner on the Go

With summertime nearing, already hectic schedules are about to get more busy for on-the-go kids who are involved in every warm-weather activity imaginable. Along with the warm weather activities comes the chaos that accompanies a jam-packed calendar of events. As longer days are consumed with transporting kids to and fro, dinnertime, regrettably, often just becomes another item on the to-do list.

“Parents are always trying to come up with ideas for dinner,” said Joan Hanson, test kitchen director for Hormel Foods. “When summer’s at its busiest, it’s nice to have some last-minute meal ideas in your back pocket.”

So avoid weeding through take-out menus and try these suggestions from Hanson to prepare yourself for those busy summer dinners.

  • Stock-up. Keep your kitchen stocked with items such as rice, pasta, tortillas, canned beans, cheese, frozen vegetables and tomato sauce at all times. These are staple ingredients that can be combined to make quick meals at a moment’s notice.
  • Grab ‘n Go. When you’re in a hurry and have a hungry family to feed, grab a hot ready-to-eat meal from your nearby grocer. Stop by the deli counter for a rotisserie chicken or buy a Hormel®  Refrigerated Entrées in the refrigerated meat case, such as Beef Roast Au Jus or Turkey with Gravy.
  • Leave-overs. When you have the time to cook, make enough for two meals and freeze one for a busy day. Chop and freeze leftover meat to use in rice and pasta dishes or on top of salads to add variety to your dinner menu.
  • Prep help. Assign tasks to everyone in the family. Meal preparation will go faster and the kids will enjoy helping prepare what they eat.