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Families Coming Together to Go Green

Greening the planet is an important practice in the world today, and essential if we want to keep our environment intact for future generations. There are many ways families can become more eco-conscious from recycling paper and plastic to saving energy. Another way families can go green is by using natural food products, which have been through only minimal processing.

“There are steps we all can take to be more environmentally-friendly and it’s easier than you might think,” said Joan Hanson, test kitchen director for Hormel Foods. “Even meal preparation can be eco-friendly when you’re utilizing homegrown fruits and vegetables and store-bought natural food products.”

Hanson offers several basic tips that will help you teach your family to appreciate nature and protect and preserve the environment. So, use these suggestions and begin paving your way to greener pastures.

  • Recycle with purpose. Work with your children to create a collage of nature cut-outs from magazines to decorate a container specifically for recyclables. This will help get them excited about recycling.
  • Go natural. Bring your family meals back to basics by using natural products including fruit juice, meat and cereal. At your grocer’s deli counter, look for natural meats, like Hormel® Natural Choice® sandwich meats in varieties such as Smoked Honey Ham and Roast Beef.
  • Nurture nature. Plant a small vegetable garden with the kids in the backyard or in a window box. It will help them appreciate the natural ingredients that are being used to prepare their meals.
  • Beckon the birds. Build a birdhouse as a family activity and hang it near a window so everyone can see when birds visit.
  • Grab the greens. Promote paper and plastic conservation by encouraging your children to decorate their own cloth bag to take to the grocery store.
  • Conserve Energy. Let in natural light by opening the shades, and teach your children to turn off lights when leaving the room.

Parents, with help from the kids, can make small changes to their everyday activities – making life a little greener for everyone.