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Holiday Party Tips

  • · Plan on serving three to five appetizers per person per hour.  Keep a small buffet set up with platters of meats, cheeses, breads and condiments, vegetables with a dip, and various bowls of nuts, olives and chips.
  • · Use snow in ice buckets to chill soft drinks, wine, or beer.  Snow chills better than ice, looks nice, and saves you the cost of purchasing ice.
  • · Serve a variety of appetizers--creamy/crunchy, raw/cooked, hot/cold, savory/sweet--but make sure everything would still go together if it was on a plate at the same time.
  • · Dress up platters with small holiday ornaments, herbs, or small fruits and vegetables.
  • · Keep the clutter to a minimum by setting up easy-to-find areas for people to leave used glasses and plates.  Also, have several small waste baskets scattered throughout the room.
  • · Don't forget about your designated drivers and non-drinking friends!  Keep a supply of fun and festive nonalcoholic drinks on hand.
  • · If an appetizer is hard to prepare, make less of it and more of another.
  • · Small appetizers are best.  They should be one-biters and easy to pick up.
  • · Start the party with an empty dishwasher.  As the party progresses, you can fill it up, reducing clutter.
  • · Have lots of cocktail napkins!