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Valentine’s Day Tips

Valentine’s Day can induce its own kind of stress as we try to create a very special event for that special someone. But, it can be easy to create a wonderful celebration and become a celebrity chef in that special someone’s eye all in one fell swoop. Nothing shows your Valentine that you care like a home-cooked meal, so here is some help to increase your confidence in the kitchen. These tips will help you add some flavor to your Valentine’s Day meal and win the heart – and stomach – of your date this February 14.

Preparing to Please...
  • Plan ahead. First thing’s first; make dinner arrangements ahead of time by planning out your menu. After all, it’s the thought that counts. A home-cooked meal is more personal than going out to dinner. Do some subtle research well in advance to assure that your meal choices will have a warm reception. Friends and family can be very helpful in steering you in the right direction.
  • Find a recipe. Try recipes such as the ones listed below to woo your loved one this Valentine’s Day. More recipes are available at www.hormelfoodsrecipes.com.
  • Don’t forget dessert. When planning your menu, make sure to account for the most romantic part of the meal: dessert. Chocolate is always a safe bet, so find your partner’s favorite type and drizzle it over fresh fruit.
Making the Meal...
  • Breakfast in bed. A great start to the day, surprise your significant other with breakfast in bed, using quick meal ideas like topping off toasted frozen waffles with CURE 81® ham, strawberries and maple syrup. Or, spread toast with cream cheese, make a heart in the center of the toast with blueberries and spoon strawberry jam in the middle of the heart.
  • Sweet and spicy. The more flavor the better. Try whipping up something spicy and finishing it off with a sweet treat to please the palate. Spices and seasonings such as cayenne pepper, cloves and vanilla can add a lot of flavor and may be readily available in your kitchen cupboard. Spices can also go a long way in improving the visual appeal of your meal. Use them to add color and texture, giving your dish that gourmet look.
  • Favorites. Embrace what you know and show your significant other that you actually do listen by throwing in a couple of their favorite dishes, or including some favorite spices.
  • Test the unexpected. Try making something you know neither of you have never had; impress with your creativity in the kitchen.
Setting the Mood...
  • Thoughtful gifts. Consider sending a gift or card to your Valentine a few days early to get them excited about the upcoming feast.
  • Ambiance counts. Set the tone by creating a romantic atmosphere with wine, candles and music. Take it a step further and research a wine pairing that will complement your meal.

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